Chirashi Party Baby (for 2)                               


Chirashi Party Princess (for 4)                            


Chirashi Party Queen (for 6)                 


Chirashi Party King (for 8)                    



Chirashi Party Tray

For any chirashi party trays, please order 1 day in advance!





Party Tray

A) Tray A (48pcs)                             $26

5 California Roll, 3 Mango California Roll



B) Tray B (78pcs)                              $33

4 California Roll, 3 Salmon Roll, 3 Tuna Roll, 3 Cucumber Roll



C) Tray C (54pcs)                             $35

2 California Roll, 2 Avocado Roll, 2 Alaska Roll, 2 Dynamite Roll, 2 Yam and Avocado roll



D) Tray D (32pcs)                             $55

4 pcs of Tuna, Salmon, Ebi, Amaebi, Hamachi, Tobiko, Chopped Scallop, Unagi each


E) Wowk Tray (68pcs)                       $57

6pcs Tuna, 6pcs Salmon, 6pcs Ebi, 6pcs Chopped Scallop, 2 Salmon Roll, 2 Tuna Roll, 10pcs Futomaki, 10pcs Alaska Roll



F) Aburi Lovers Party Tray (36pcs)   $ 95

18pcs Wild Salmon Oshizushi, 3pcs Salmon Aburi, 3pcs Hamachi Aburi, 3pcs Hotate Aburi , 3pcs Saba Aburi, 3pcs Engawa Aburi, 3pcs Unagi Aburi



G) Oshi Lovers Party Tray (48pcs)    $140

Wild Salmon Oshizushi, Sabastian Oshizushi, Beluga Oshizushi, Samurai Oshizushi, Unagi Oshizushi, Kids Oshizushi, Mermaid Oshizushi, Sea Urchin Crabby Oshizushi



H) Sashimi Party Tray                       $125


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